Friday, May 22, 2009

Holiday weekends

Holiday weekends tend to be busy wedding weekends in the Austin area--do you see that gorgeous lake?
Who doesn't want to come to Austin when they get the chance-- when I mention this to brides who are planning their event on a holiday weekend, they sometimes seem surprised.  Memorial Day,Labor Day and the Thanksgiving weekends can be some of our busiest times-- what does this mean? Plan in advance to get  the  vendors of your choice, don't be surprised if there are holiday fees (which staff members get to work while the rest of the world is barbecueing?) and limited availabilties for venues, it is popular for lots of events, not just weddings- graduation parties, company picnics, bachelor and bachelorette parties. Austin presents itself with some unique busy weekends in addition to the  normal holidays- any home Longhorn gameday, the countless festivals-ACL,SXSW just to name a few-- once again, plan accordingly, you can have some great extra entertainment for your out of town guests, just a few reasons why we all love Austin!


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