Saturday, May 2, 2009

Tales from the delivery van!

Our (Fridays and)  Saturdays  are filled with the task of delivering the wedding flowers that we have been creating over the previous couple of days.  But, you never know what story you will hear from the delivery crew-- these are just a few from the past couple of weeks.  Keep in mind, they all involve my husband Paul-I'm just saying...
After a big rain, be warned that you should not drive in the delivery gate of Winfield Inn or you might just get stuck--lucky for them the flowers had already been delivered-they could barely tell the story from laughing so hard! We are so sorry Tom for the artwork left in the pasture!
The next week on the way to Nature's Point-- a copperhead in the middle of the road-yes, a snake- after a brief stop to take pictures the flowers were delivered on time! Then the next morning we were headed back out to Nature's Point and lo and behold  a snake carcass! Good thing our van does not talk--it would for sure let you know that we have a great time doing our job!

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