Monday, May 4, 2009

Mother's Day flowers--don't procrastinate!

Bouquets of Austin does not handle retail or holiday orders, but I grew up in  a small retail flower shop so I cannot pass up the opportunity to remind you to order those flowers NOW! Floral holidays represent a significant part of  revenue and annual  business.
Some tips on how to get great flowers for your mom, grandmother, ladies who should be your mom,etc.-- Look for a LOCAL flower shop, these are hard to come by these days, the small retail shop does not exist in a lot of areas, if you are lucky enough to have one nearby, stop in or if you need to call or order online do so early-- not on Friday afternoon, I promise you,  your mom deserves more than a last minute order.  Have the flowers delivered a few days early so she can enjoy them (also they will be the freshest, first product in, first product out!)  If she has a favorite flower or special request, you should've already placed the order!  Don't send flowers that she has to arrange( these most frequently come from online services)- yes, you have to pay for service!  Ask what is available, the prettiest, most cost effective-  if you have specifics, no carnations, no lilies, tell them, busy florists on holiday  weeks do not read minds! Is your mom trendy and modern (thing giraffe bags and big bangly beads), traditional ( floral throw pillows and china everyday of the week), urban and green ( succulents and branches)-- give the floral designer something to work with-- remember we love flowers so we think they are all beautiful!  Retail florists have my utmost respect for the job and service they provide-- thanks for doing your part to keep them part of our small business tapestry!
Happy ordering!

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