Sunday, May 10, 2009


This weekend marks the 2nd anniversary of "the move". We moved the design studio and staff to our current location -8863 Anderson Mill Rd. Suite 111, Austin, Tx. For the previous 10 years we had worked from my home, garage, backyard, dining room table and any other available space.  I was unsure of the move, but now I do not know how we did it before, of course our new space allows us to have shelves,(not closets) full of inventory, I got the custom built walk in cooler along with a great consultation  area and a real office-- filled with copiers,fax, computers and telephone systems with more than 1 line!  I really want to say thanks to all of my vendor colleagues and clients who so generously refer us  and also to the great team that makes up Bouquets of Austin- (Looch,Shannon,Becky,Keith,mom,Ashley,Jackie,Brittney,Jennifer,Wendall,Anna and anyone else that says sure I can be there on Saturday!). I started this business  13 years ago hoping to continue  my design career and have been blessed to not only create beautiful and meaningful wedding flowers but also a thriving business along the way. Once again, thanks to everyone who has helped us get here and if you haven't stopped by the studio (we even have a suite number!!) please do.  We love to have visitors to take a look at all of the gorgeousness we are designing!

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  1. Congratulations on this achievement! Wishing you many, many years of success in your new location. And thank you for this post as an inspiration for those of us still running our business from our home. By the way love your work!