Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Summer time orange!

I love opening my inbox and getting a portfolio of photos from a wedding past--in this case last summer!
Thanks Barbara for forwarding these to me via Ashley Garmon.

The ceremony took place at The Smith Family Chapel (Riverbend) with the reception at Barton Creek Country Club.
I loved, loved the presentation of the bridesmaids dresses-- so sweet and summery--all in a shade of champagne, not sure if they are the same designer or if the girls got to choose-but super adorable!

The bouquets were a combination of circus roses and orange orchid blooms--sweet and simple-- when the dresses are short and flirty the flowers should reflect the same feel! More later.....
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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Blue bouttonieres!

For the boys-- we love simple,unique bouttonieres.
Here one of our all time favorites--a white dendrobium bloom and blue hybrid delphinium .

Each bouttoniere hand crafted and finished with a little rafia wrap.
Did you know that every flower and leave that goes into a bouttoniere has to be hand wired and taped individually and then put together?

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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Purple to go!

Purple has been and will be popular for a while--this was a spring wedding earlier this year-
I loved the combination of purple flowers-- orchids, lisianthus, stock and sweet peas.

How great is this suit? I did not see this in person--our bride and groom chose to have the flowers picked up from our studio on the day of the wedding. This can sometimes be an option depending upon the scope of the event--in this case, personal flowers and 5 centerpieces.

Congratulations to a super cute couple and thanks to MatthewJohnson studios for the images!
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Thursday, June 24, 2010

June bouquets

One of the great things about our design staff is the great diversity --
Here are a few bouquets that have hit the door over the past few weeks-
above one of my favorites--all white with pops of yellow--freesia, craspedia for the yellow--peonies, (surprisingly!)
hydrangea and... garden roses--talk about some great fragrance--loved.

Then there was this combination-- succulents, scabiosa pods, tweedia, veronica and stock--we couldn't stop talking about how cute this combination looked--

and this too. It is the bridesmaid to the bouquet above--all in white--stock, veronica, scabiosa, dusty miller and mint--so fresh!
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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

St. Marys Cathedral Wedding!

There is something about a church wedding--maybe the traditions, maybe the built in formality and in this case a
gorgeous setting-the beautiful St. Mary's Cathedral in Austin, TX.

Another spring bridal bouquet--guess what--all white peonies!! We can't get enough of them!
Thanks to The Mill, photography studio for the images--
(did you know that is the name of the new collaboration between Melissa Glynn and Tyler Schmitt--2 of Austin's great photographers joining together!! Good Luck, you guys!)
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Monday, June 21, 2010

Winter wedding flowers!

As we hit the dog days of summer, it seems impossible to think of cool, winter weddings!
Heres a reminder from last December--held on the lawn of The Four Seasons hotel-a simple color palette of navy blue and cream with just a pop of red berries!

Bridesmaids carried antique green hydrangea, cream roses, red berries and touch of light blue delphinium.

Very simple centerpieces following the theme mostly cream with a touch of red, red tulips, red votives accented with the navy napkins.

The room featured a combination of tall and low centerpieces--
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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sunday morning at Green Pastures

An absolute adorable bouquet of ranunucla and tulips with lots of other stuff-- for a Sunday morning wedding at Green Pastures-looks like, feels like spring!

The bride collected all of the vessels for the arrangements-and an assortment it was-filled with sweet flowers and foliages.

The porch--last year we had a wedding that used this same idea--brilliant-brunch on Sunday morning at Green Pastures, is there anything more Austin?
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Friday, June 18, 2010

The Knot Texas

Our feature in the current issue of The Knot Texas
Melissa and Stuart, May 2009.
Thanks to Barbara--
and my amazing design and delivery team!
This was one of my all time favorite weddings--from the bold,dynamic colors-the different textures in the flowers and the all around gorgeous location!

One of the images that didn't make the editorial cut--I love! Cute,funky hairflowers!

Cake, just because it looks pretty!
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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Navy Blue on Mothers Day!

A few pro pics from the ubertalented Vanessa --
All white bridal bouquet with just a pops of color in the anemone--if you closely examine the anemone it appears to be a very dark midnight blue--how cute are those ruffled shoes!!
I love all things ruffley at the moment!

A few sweet details--one of my favorites and I must admit originals--The fans not only had a pencil attached but was also a madlib --
I loved madlibs as a kid, living in the country we spent alot of time in the car and madlibs helped pass the time along!!

The Sunset Room--long table, multiple sizes/heights of centerpieces with a anchor of navy blue--
It was a pleasure to work with the girls at BZ Events.
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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Just for Hayley-

We designed this bridal bouquet a few weeks ago for a friend of our family-- she had a page from a magazine torn out with a bouquet very similar to this for our inspiration-- filled with the most scrumptious peonies, miniature calla lilies, muscari, nerine,ranunucla and sweet peas-- hope you loved it as much as I loved designing it!
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Friday, June 11, 2010

More from Lakeway!

I just love weddings--the smiles are why we do what we do!

The details from The Vistas ballroom-- linens, gorgeous--white triple pintuck with cherrywood chivari, pink table runners and colorful tulips-- no doubt a spring wedding!

The ceremony serenely waiting-- and a bridesmaids bouquet full of color and texture--peony,dahlia, pincushion protea,freesia, ranunucla and sweet peas!! I loved the yellos, just adds a touch of modern to the pink.
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Pretty peony--pink and white.

Another gorgeous spring wedding at Lakeway Resort and Spa-
Barbara from Barbara's brides matched us with this bride--
just our kind, gorgeous flowers presented in a clean, modern look.
The bridal bouquet featured peonies in shades of pinks and whites with a touch of ranunuclas.

And check out these bridesmaids, so adorable with a burst of color in the flowers.

Pink shoes, I love colored bridal shoes--I hope it is a trend that becomes a classic tradition.
Thanks to The Nichols for the amazing images.
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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Welcome to Laura!

Taking some time to welcome the newest member of our design team-
Laura Lipe.
Laura joins us after graduating from Texas A and M (and getting married).
She's been on our team since late March-- she had to get her honeymoon out of the way also.
She is the second person I know with a degree in Floral Design from A&M, the other, my personal mentor, Ken Senter, AIFD.
We are so excited to have her, not only does she make beautiful florals (see above) she makes some mean desserts also--look for her in our design room and on our delivery team, she will be the one telling all the guys what to do!!
Welcome Laura!
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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Purple at The Plantation House

I loved the setup of this purple wedding--this napkin presentation is one of my personal favorites-- accent with an urn of purple spring flowers and you have prettiness!

I loved this bridal bouquet-- shades of purples accented with a touch of cream--flowers included to die for lilac, hydrangea, viburnum, garden roses, tulips and sweet peas!

The shepherds hooks lined the aisleway--our bride was highly organized--sometimes brides bring in "inspiration boards", she arrived with an inspiration CD with no less than 50 images-- so happy I was able to complete the vision.
Thanks to Melissa Glynn photography for the images--awesome as usual!
I write this blog in first person, but without my awesome design and delivery teams none of this would come together!

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