Thursday, June 17, 2010

Navy Blue on Mothers Day!

A few pro pics from the ubertalented Vanessa --
All white bridal bouquet with just a pops of color in the anemone--if you closely examine the anemone it appears to be a very dark midnight blue--how cute are those ruffled shoes!!
I love all things ruffley at the moment!

A few sweet details--one of my favorites and I must admit originals--The fans not only had a pencil attached but was also a madlib --
I loved madlibs as a kid, living in the country we spent alot of time in the car and madlibs helped pass the time along!!

The Sunset Room--long table, multiple sizes/heights of centerpieces with a anchor of navy blue--
It was a pleasure to work with the girls at BZ Events.
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  1. This is really pretty ladies. I will try to highlight your blog on one of my upcoming posts; I live in Houston so want everyone to know how fab we are in Texas. xx' Marsha