Thursday, June 11, 2009

Pink peony centerpieces

Here are the centerpieces from Jenni's peony wedding--this is our 31' pilsner with pink flowers perched on top--pink roses, peony and hydrangea-it has a small amount of california crystals inside the vase and was finished with about 12-15 candles per table--one of Jenni's other requests --alot of candles!

This was the end result of the low centerpiece--we had originally wanted to use pillar candles instead of the floating candles.  The pillar candles were not allowed by the venue unless they were covered in glass.  We have differing opinions at different venues whether open pillar candles are allowed--make sure you check to see what is/is not allowed.

Here is the tall centerpiece with the candles lit and the special effect lighting in place--the bridesmaids wore the dark blue navy gowns/the linens were dark blue so the the room was highlighted with blue lights!

Here the lighting is in full swing--the room was divided with beautiful ivory drapes and highlighted with the pattern and blue lights--on the other side is the cocktail area and the Blingy tree!
Barbara  designed the overall look of the room!
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  1. I love those centerpieces. I never would have thought the pink and navy would look good. But it looks very nice. Have a great day!