Friday, November 6, 2009

Where do we get our flowers?

All the flowers featured in these photos originated from a different resource! We are frequently asked where we get our flowers-- the answer is long and intense but I'll give the short version. Our flowers are resourced from all over the world--we get get them through different brokers or wholesalers. Each week we use our local wholesalers, along with a California broker who primarily handles CA product and a Dutch vendor,who ships directly from the Aalsmeer auction. I have my own personal reasons for the wholesalers that I support-- our local wholesalers are very important to us because they also carry flowers from around the world, Columbia, Ecuador, Mexico, New Zealand, Italy to name a few and provide our hardgoods (think vases floral foam, etc.) so I feel like it my responsibility to support them and our local economy. It may not always be the cheapest option but cheapest is not always the best! Our California supplier is once again a company that I strongly believe in, after working in that market for more than 10 years, I know the care and handling that goes into the product they provide to us. They not only have a large group of domestic (US ) farms that they procure the product from, they also have the phenomenal LA flower market to choose from--they are where we go for those hard to find, unusual and fresh products. They have provided us with some awesome product and finally our Holland vendor-- no one does Dutch flowers like the Dutch! There is no comparison to their tulips, peony,freesia, orchids and I could go on--with todays global transportation it is effecient for us to ship directly from Holland--crazy, you know! At this time we do not have a reliable local resource, although we are asked about it all the time-- there are a few farms that produce some random products but overall not super reliable, but if you want a locally produced product you must be flexible and I mean very flexible! It is nothing short of amazing when I look down at a bouquet and see orchids from Holland, roses from Eucador, hydrangea from Columbia, dahlias from California-all nestled together harmoniously-- landing in the hands of a local Texan!
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