Friday, November 20, 2009

Frequently asked Friday

I want to take a minute to say thanks to all of the photographers who so generously provide us with pro images-- thank you, thank you, thank you!
We are in the process of updating our consultation room and portfolios, we have reached out to a great number of the talented photographers that work with us--they have so graciously sent over great images.
It is really fun to go to the mailbox and get a CD with images or open an email full of fun shots--it reminds us how much we love what we do also!
Hopefully I let you know who they are--if not, please ask in the comments so that we can give them the proper credit. We are asked many times if we have favorites--honestly there are so many great photographers-I am glad that I do not have to choose! We do have a few that we recommend based on the experiences that we have with them--not only do they provide great images, but they are prompt,courteous, and so many other factors!
Once again--thanks to all the pros out there that make our work look great--we'll look forward to seeing you very soon!

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