Friday, October 16, 2009

To hire or not to hire a wedding planner??

All the photos in this post are collaborations between  many vendors and they all include the guidance of a wedding planner/coordinator/consultant.   We always inquire if you will be using the services of a planner--many times we are asked why do we want to know?  I have recently had a couple of experiences that I wished there had been a planner not only on the day of but in the planning process. One bride made it to her reception for less than 2.5 hours--the inexperience of not having a well planned ceremony and photographer made them hurry through the reception and knowing the minimums that were required, it could not have been a cost effective reception time.  Most recently with the rainy weekends we have faced a few challenges-moving ceremony locations,changing seating arrangements and who is in charge? and making these decisions?  With a job at hand and limited time, we need the decisions to be made either before it becomes an issue or at least have a plan B.  Ultimately, you have to make the decision based on your event. Most planners strive to help you create a beautiful, stress free, cost effective event.


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