Thursday, October 1, 2009

Purple with a passion!

Another one of those long, elaborate head tables--this one all dressed in purple--purple hydrangea with the curly willow in the tall pieces--the low pieces featured lavender roses, stock and a little accent of green.

I love  multiple components on a table--have I mentioned that before? Haha.  The pedestal candles have an accent of brown with the coffee beans--a perfect compliment to the brown and purple runners.

The individually placed blooms at each place setting is the perfect finishing touch.

These tables surrounded the long head table-- a small trio of vases with submerged orchids and a low,lush floral in the birch container featuring shades of greens and purples. When we are working with a bride and giving advice on the overall design--one way to help meet budget guidelines will always be to mix up the styles of centerpieces-- especially a buffet seating-for a plated dinner it gets a little more complicated--you don't want someone to feel like they have the "budget" option!
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