Friday, October 9, 2009

Frequently Asked Friday?

Wedding flowers are so much more than flowers--
when we are  creating an entire event you would be surprised to realize that the cost of the flowers are only equal to about half of the pricing structure.  One of the most frequently asked and discussed  topics is the cost of flowers?!
Yes, you can purchase blooms at ____, for a lot less, but are they designed? have they been ordered in the exact color and quantity that you need? what container are they designed in?  have they been processed and handled so that they are beautiful on the wedding day--not a day before-- Will they arrive promptly and setup on time for the ceremony/reception? Where do they go after, will they be  disposed of or transferred?  These are all things that will go into the pricing of wedding flowers-and oh yeah, don't forget the ribbons, boxes and pins that they all include.  So when you are comparing pricing take into consideration the time and experience that goes into each event.  Make sure that you understand  the policies and procedures of your florist.  Most of all, be honest--not only with  your budget but with your expectations-- one of our most frustrating situations is to spend our valuable time consulting and planning only to find out that the budget does not meet the expectations--we are most successful when we know what we have to work with and what you are hoping to get with it! Thanks for giving me time on my soapbox and look forward to meeting with you soon!

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