Friday, April 17, 2009

Tulips in the fall

Tulip bouquets in the fall? Yes, it is possible- there is a fall crop of tulips available, usually in the fall tones-reds, oranges, yellows and then as we get closer to the holiday season reds and whites. Tulips are a great flower - they make  a small, sophisticated bouquet when used alone--they do need to be handled and treated properly--when you see those tulips that are floppy and over bloomed they were not handled correctly--these are flowers for the professionals! We do not recommend them for bouttonieres, although I see them in magazines all the time, I'm guessing it is in a different climate!

The bride's bouquet featured red tulips, mango miniature calla lilies and dahlias along with bears grass-- the bride loved bears grass. ( You might recognize this photo from a recent postcard or our current ad in The Knot-Texas magazine.)

A few chair markers  along with a carpet of petals.
We will be discussing petals and the cost of petals in a future post.

The arbor at Villa Antonia-- I love the angle of this shot-- I wish I could give the proper credit to the photographer who provided these photos, I do not know who it is? This CD arrived in my mailbox a few months ago-- thank you to whoever you are, let us know if these are your photos!
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