Monday, April 6, 2009

Personal touches

One of the frequently asked questions: Can I provide my own-- containers,candles, ribbon,beads, family heirloom?
For us, the answer is yes! We have brides who provide many personal touches and we incorporate them into the overall design.
These mosaic containers and table runners were provided by the bride--we, of course, have some guidelines but generally we can work with your items.

This runner was made by a brides family member, so we made sure it was placed on a prominent table.

This is another favorite photo--it was provided Studio563.
It has such a timeless feel to it-- the blue accents are handmade beaded flowers that the bride made and provided to us.The groom's bouttoniere also had the same little blue accent.

The bride brought these to us a few days prior to the wedding so that we could incorporate them into the bouquet-- for family heirlooms that will be attached re: handkerchiefs,rosaries, Bibles, rings- we will attach those on the wedding day, we do not want to be responsible for items that are irreplacable.
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