Thursday, April 2, 2009

Arbors and gazebos

The Villa Antonia arbor/pergola-- this is one of the most versatile structures that we work with-this is the  simplest presentation- white hydrangea and smillax loosely woven on the front of the structure. You can literally go crazy here, more foliage, more flowers, hanging candles/flowers, fabrics. The choices are unlimited.

The Plantation House gazebo-again a very pretty structure. The swag in the center is a semipermanent fixture-we just added the fresh flowers. Lilies and roses this time along with the aisle petals and chair markers. You can go crazy here also, garlands, fabrics, freestanding arrangements have all been used here. Thanks to Allison at Focalpoint Photography ( for this photo and the one below.

This is the Villa Antona arbor again- this time accented with a few clusters of flowers, on both the front area and the back area- aisle runner, petals and chair flowers completed this  ceremony area.

In honor of Beckys 4th anniversary, this is the place she tied the knot. This is the ceremony area at The Shoreline Grill- near the Four Seasons and Ladybird Lake. For Becky's wedding it was covered in smilax and purple flowers. The fabric draping is one of the most popular looks we create here, primarily because of the size of the structure, it takes a lot of flowers to  show up on this structure!
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