Monday, December 14, 2009

What we've been up to!

Not lounging around on this cool furniture!! This was brought into one of our parties a couple of weekends ago--I though it was super cool and chic--but back to us!!
Besides being named a "Best Of" pick from the The Knot (shameless plug!)- we've been remodeling and reorganizing!! Our consultation room has fresh paint and new furniture and our lobby is packed with fabulous new photos ! After all that fun was done we completely reorganized our back warehouse--if you've never been to our space we have a cozy front office/lobby and consultation area--then we have our back warehouse where all the real fun happens--it is home to our walk in cooler, reach in coolers and our extensive inventory along with all of our design stations. We, the entire group, spent 2 days moving, counting, dusting, and editing every piece and I must say it looks great--it is effecient, spacious and organized--hopefully we will keep it this way!!!
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