Monday, August 31, 2009

Friday Frequently Asked Questions

Do we provide samples of bouquets or centerpieces?
Generally we do not provide samples for bouquets or centerpieces-- the sample previews that  are displayed on "those wedding shows" are  used as production value for the florists working on the show-- in all of my career, I have never designed in a shop that  provided samples--if  a sample is requested, we must charge for the time and materials that it takes to design and create it.  Even it we agree to provide it, there are usually so many disclaimers-- sample flowers are ordered in small quantities, so a different quantity and grower may provide a different product-- some flowers may not be available- some may be different colors due to different time of season. With all of the images available, both in our studio, bridal magazines and the internet  we feel confident that we will design  a gorgeous finished product.  When choosing your florist you must feel comfortable with their experience and skills to know that you have communicated your overall vision.

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