Friday, August 21, 2009

Frequently Asked Questions - take 2

Let's discuss the price/cost of petals.  Most clients perception is that petals should be cheap-unfortunately that is not  the case.  The supply/demand of petals has become tremendous over the past 5 years.  The demand has increased due to beautifully photographed aisles covered in petals-did you know most aisles require between 250 and 500 roses to be petalled?  If you want a specific color  we must purchase that color of rose to be petalled, depending upon on the variety it most likely will be the same inventory that we will be using to design the other elements of the wedding.  Sometimes petalling requires more labor than making  an actual bouquet or  arrangement.   

Alot of venues only allow petals as an exit option--they are biodegradable and  look fabulous in photos- we price this out per person.

A few years ago we had a little more flexibility in purchasing roses for petals, but with today's economy our wholesalers no longer carry a huge cooler full of speculation product-- because of the perishable nature they must be efficient buyers, if not it becomes waste very quickly.  With that said, we too must be efficient buyers even when it comes to petals- they are a beautiful element and complement to almost every wedding but don't be caught offguard at their pricing.  I'll be happy to answer comments on this topic.
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