Friday, September 25, 2009

Its Friday!

This week's frequently asked question?
Do we design more than one wedding on a weekend?
The answer is yes.  Our design staff, (myself-Stephanie, Becky and Shannon) all maintain our own brides.
So that means that we frequently are designing at least 3 weddings, sometimes more if the events are on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  We successfully accomplish this each and every week-- we only create and design wedding flowers.  That means we are  never distracted with daily retail deliveries or any other distractions a retail business might bring.   I will say many times that being a retail florist is a tough job , I myself have spent many years in  that situation. I love being a wedding florist, we stay in tune with the latest trends, we are only buying wedding flowers--with multiple events our purchases allow us to be an important customer to our wholesalers.  We do have the occasional weekend where we will only design a single event- usually you will find us all creating beautiful flowers for our brides! I am lucky enough to have one of the greatest teams in Austin, from the talented to designers to the entire processing and delivery team, we handle our wedding flowers like they belonged personally to each of us!!
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